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Contribute and receive. Redeem and view.

This is simple. By adding new public transactions or contributing additional information to existing entries, you earn points. You can add unlimited public transactions for free (and comps contributions are anonymous).

You can use your accumulated points to unlock transactions contributed by others. Once you unlock a transaction, it is unlocked forever.

Public For Sale transactions not added by OpenComps researchers as transaction markers — i.e. added by owners directly or brokers on behalf of owners as listings — are always viewable in full for free by everyone; no points needed.


Your private competitive intelligence side-by-side with the public database. Shared across a work group.

As much as we (or competitors) try to gather all the industry information, no one can fully get there. You — as active market participants — hear information that will always stay private. This is where private entries come in. With private entries, you can run your own "spreadsheet" side-by-side with the public database to either fill in any gaps in the data or add your own specific notes. You can search, map or manipulate private entries just like the public entries. Even better, you can export them to Excel whenever and as much as you want. You can add or delete them as you wish!

Private entries — for market transactions and financials — can be even more powerful when shared across a work group. It is like an internally-shared Excel spreadsheet — but in the cloud — that is accessible by anyone within an organization from anywhere, anytime, with powerful search and hyperlinked across all records.

With private entries, OpenComps transforms from just a research site for comps into a sophisticated tool that you can use to gather and organize all of your internal competitive information.


Easy and intuitive. Google-like global search or powerful field-specific advanced search. Save your searches for automatic email updates.

OpenComps features the industry's best and easiest to use global search. From any screen you can start your search for lightning fast results which you can view as a list or instantly plot on an interactive map, with satellite view and Google StreetView.

For the time when you need to zero in on specific information, PRO subscribers can wield a powerful field-specific Advanced Search, which also includes proximity search for when city or zipcode are just not enough.

Whenever you execute a search – a global or an Advanced Search – you can save your search. You can easily re-run this search in the future with one click. You can also choose to receive automatic email updates of new transactions matching your saved search.


Post text updates. Choose who to follow. Get in touch with direct private messages.

OpenComps is not just a research tool. It is also a community of active industry professionals. You can search across the community and when you find a community member that is of interest to you, you can choose to follow their OpenComps activity. You can build a personal Newsfeed that collects text updates from people you follow, their new listings and tags. Or you can just "listen in" on the public Newsfeed.

You can engage with the community by posting short-form (255 characters) text updates or post comments to other user's updates. You can build a following of users with creative content, industry insight or new listings.

You can also use the direct user-to-user private messaging system to connect with new or strengthen your industry connections.

If you tag yourself in transactions you took part in — to demonstrate your expertise and establish a professional record — the tags will also show up in your followers' Newsfeed.

Lastly, you can simply help improve the data quality by up-voting or down-voting the accuracy of a transaction.


Gain insight in the data with instant aggregated statistics and trend charts.

Searching is super easy. But when you want to take a bird's-eye look at the data, OpenComps has instant tables showing aggregated data. It is very much like instant Excel PivotTables.

You can easily find out who is the top broker, seller or buyer in a given area or product type. You can browse by country, state and city, or comb through the data to find how each brand fares in recent sales or look at their upcoming pipeline. You can find the active property managers and lenders. And you can chart the data to uncover hidden trends. How you slice the data is really just limited by your imagination.


Organize your research with custom Comp Sets. Export transactions to Excel. Get basic underwriting tools, such as a Proforma Excel model.

To organize your research across multiple searches or transaction list, you can create custom Comp Sets of transactions. This will give you quick look at their aggregate statistics or allow you to export them en masse or map them together. You can build unlimited custom comps sets. A quick and dirty comp set is your Favorites collection — you can easily collect your favorite transactions by starring them.

When you need them, you can easily export all transaction fields for a single transaction or a collection of transactions as a MS Excel-compatible CSV file.

If you need to get started with a deal, we offer several templates for underwriting transactions (DCF valuation, project IRR), building or presenting cash flows, evaluating development projects, analyzing competitive sets, understanding performance-driven management agreements, and other transaction-related, professional tools and documents.


On the desktop or on the go.

OpenComps is available anywhere – on the desktop or on the go on your phone or tablet. Not as a native mobile app (hopefully, we'll get there soon), but as a kick-ass mobile-optimized website.

You can pin the website to your home screen for an instant app-like experience.

  Free PRO
View in full all user-generated transactions or use your points1 to unlock research-generated transactions
Perform a global search of all transactions (and save it for easy future access)
Contribute new public transactions (and earn points1)
Provide info on existing public transactions (and earn points1)
View your private (Only Me or Group) transactions
Post unlimited public For Sale transactions (listings) and track the user activity for them2
Execute Request Materials on public user-generated For Sale listings2
Post unlimited short-form text updates3
Create a personal Newsfeed by following users (or "listen in" on the public Newsfeed)
Send private direct, user-to-user messages
Tag yourself in transactions you participated
Analyze the data with instant stats and charts
Easily keep track of your favorite transactions by starring them
Instantly map (or Street View) individual transactions or a group of transactions
Access limited number of tools in the Tools section
View in full all transactions and financials  
Create unlimited private (Only Me or Workgroup) entries - transactions and financials  
Perform advanced, field-specific search (including proximity search)  
Save any search for quick access and receive automatic email updates of new matches  
Use sophisticated filters on summary tables  
Create custom comp sets and map or export them as a group or individually  
Export transactions and financials as Microsoft Excel-compatible CSV files4  
Access all tools in the Tools section  
Enterprise only: Self-setup each workgroup member with PRO privileges5  

1 Basic users can earn points by contributing new or enhancing existing transactions. Points can then be used to unlock research-generated transactions. Contribution of comp transactions is anonymous.
2 Includes ability for users to Request Materials via execution of a standardized confidentiality agreement. Public For Sale transactions are only modifiable by the user creating them.
3 255 character limit. Ability to dynamically reference transactions, other users or link to content.
4 Subject to a daily limit (150 transactions) and 30-day rolling limit (600 transactions).
5 Based on a pre-specified enterprise email domain.

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