.com or .info. Your choice. Or simply OpenComps.

Although we acquired the domain a few years ago, and many of you founds on that address through general Internet searches, we continued to use the .info domain in the site’s branding and email addresses. We believed that this gave you, the users, a clue of what to expect on the site – (valuable) information.

However, we’ve often heard the question: “What was your site called again?”. And having people remember the .info at the end seemed elusive for many folks. Many just wanted to remember “OpenComps” and naturally append “.com”.

So, as part of our on-going re-engineering efforts, we have decided to re-brand the site to simply “OpenComps” and switch all domains and email addresses to .Info domain and email addresses still work just as well, but we hope you will find it easier to remember the site and our email addresses with a .com ending.

.com or .info, we look forward to seeing you around and hearing from you.