NEW: Proximity Search, Additional Fields, New Pagination

Over the summer, we rolled out quite a few new features (and bug fixes) to OpenComps without really any announcements. We are here to rectify this. Among the many new features, we would like to highlight the new Proximity Search,  new fields such as Brand, Property Manager, Lender, Buyer Origin and Owner Origin, new Map tabs in list and transaction views, Related tab in transaction view and a whole new Pagination. There is also a brand new way to communicate with your fellow OpenComps users, but for that we’ll dedicate a separate post. Follow us after the break for a  description of the new key features.


Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee

We are a small and young service that is entirely funded by our users. No fancy world-domination plans, no deep-pocketed venture capitalists doing the fund-ten-hope-one-works game. We are very much looking for the community of users to make up the service as well as fund us to keep us going and growing.

That is why we are extremely focused to meet or exceed our users’ expectations. And deliver every day a satisfaction with their participation in the OpenComps’ community, through data or monetarily. It is something that we’ve taken as self-evident and true from the start, but recently we thought we reinforce it and make it more prominent. We have updated our sign up pages to highlight that if you are for whatever reason not satisfied with your OpenComps PRO subscription, you can contact us within a decent period (say 30 days) to cancel your subscription and receive a full refund. While it is a “no-questions-asked” deal, we would really appreciate any feedback that you can provide us so that we can hopefully address your concerns and improve the service for you, and for everyone else.

We often get asked whether we offer a trial period. We don’t have such functionality currently (maybe in the future), mostly because we believe that the site’s service is pretty transparent (basic registration is free) and, we hope, one could pretty accurately see the benefits of a subscription. However, we stand by this unconditional satisfaction guarantee and see that as our trial offer. If you sign up for a PRO subscription and the service (or really the additional benefits) turn out not up to your expectations, just let us know and we will issue you a full refund.

As stated in the beginning, the entire service is made possible by the generous backing of all the PRO subscribers and we want to extend a very heartfelt THANK YOU to all current and past subscribers. If you haven’t tried a subscription, we hope you do soon.