OpenComps Turns More Exclusive and Enterprise

As we approach our 16th anniversary (coming in May 2022), we have began contemplating our 2022 (and beyond) plan. As any business, we are only as successful as our customers allow us to be. Without the commercial support of our paying subscribers, we would not have been able to continue our journey, gather all the data and continuously refine our software and service.

As the world’s leading hotel intelligence platform, we are extremely fortunate and grateful to garner the commercial support of some of U.S. largest:

  • public REIT owners;
  • management companies;
  • private equity sponsors;
  • brand operators

… and many other smaller owners, developers, managers, appraisers, analysts, and other players in the hotel finance world.

While we launched with the idea of an open collaboration among the players in the hotel finance world in collecting deal information, the reality is that individual user contributions have been extremely small and limited. In the meantime, we have grown as a service and team to source and categorize most of the information available on OpenComps (and ResiComps) and thus have basically transitioned to an enterprise intelligence service.

With that in mind, over the coming months, we will be transitioning to servicing more exclusively our paying PRO subscribers. Registration and (limited) daily newsletters may continue to be free (for now), but full use of our online service will be more and more exclusive only to our paying customers.

To better reflect our enterprise nature, we will also emphasize our Enterprise PRO subscription as the standard entry into our service. We have learned that our service is better when used and shared across the entire organization. Thus, our Individual PRO plan will transition to serve as an introduction into our service for very small or new organizations who would like to familiarize themselves with OpenComps before deploying across their full enterprise.

To our paying PRO subscribers, THANK YOU! To everyone else, we hope you decide to commercially support our efforts to uphold OpenComps as the best hotel investment intelligence platform IN THE WORLD!