General Updates

Introducing Tools

At OpenComps, in addition to recording transactions, we would like to provide you with the tools to close transactions or understand them better. Introducing our new Tools section!

In this new section, we offer templates for underwriting transactions (DCF valuation, project IRR), building or presenting cash flows, evaluating development projects, analyzing competitive sets, understanding performance-driven management agreements, and other transaction-related, professional tools and documents. We launched with a few tools but we plan to continuously update this section with more tools, so check it regularly.

All tools are available to OpenComps PRO subscribers only. Remember we offer both monthly and annual subscriptions. And you can turn your subscription on or off whenever you want in your profile. Sign up here

If you need help with constructing more comprehensive or sophisticated models, specifically analyze a situation, or edit or improve your own models, get in touch with Oggie at We can provide consulting services on a per hour or per project basis.

Here are several screenshots of the tools you can find in our new Tools section: