“Stay signed in”

Three simple words. A login feature you’ve probably seen across the web and don’t even think about it. Well, at OpenComps, we were painfully slow to implement it. And, as the number one request, we heard it loud and clear from all of you that while the design of our login page is nice and dandy, you were staring at it a bit too often. Dread no more as we finally turned the feature live this week. Now, you’ll be seeing a lot less of the login screen (if you so choose) and focus on your work a little more.

The details:
1. Do keep in mind that this feature is best used on your private device and should be avoided on public and/or shared devices. You can always choose to log out to clear all traces of your session. This is what should be done on a public and/or shared device once you are done.
2. The feature will keep you logged in for about two weeks currently. After that you’ll still see again our lovely login screen as we want to make sure that your sessions are secure and authenticated.
3. The longer session will stay on one device as long as you don’t log in from another device. We are thinking about how to implement longer sessions on couple of devices (say your desktop and mobile). Let us know if that’s something that you would like.

As always let us know what you think of this feature or other features you would like to see.