General Updates

We have a new look!

Just as fall is getting started to do a makeover to the trees outside, we are ready with our site makeover too. We worked hard on it all summer and, dare we say, we are very happy with the results. But the final judges will be you, our users…. so we would love to hear your thoughts!

Just to be clear, our makeover is just like a new suit… we may look different, but our simplicity in functionality is still there as you (hopefully, just as much as we) like it. The pockets, buttons and sleeves are still in the same place on the suit, just like our functionality is still there where you can see it and access it conveniently and expediently.

We look different but we look the same. We hope just like an older George Clooney, we have added polish, elegance and a touch of modernity (ok, you can’t add modernity in men who age… but, hey, we are talking about technology here!).

Our story so far is of a true bootstrapped venture. Yes, it means we are small and frugal with our finances, but today it becomes even more literal as the new look is entirely based on Twitter’s Bootstrap front-end framework. The framework is billed as “sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first” and we hope you will agree that OpenComps is now sleeker, more intuitive and, YES!, we are mobile-optimized!

While we are rolling out the new look with just a sprinkle of new features, we are excited about the new front-end foundation of our service. We have exciting plans to leverage this new front-end framework to introduce new features faster.

The only downside to jumping on the new technology bandwagon is that likely our previous trusty support for older browsers will not be as trusty anymore. So, we hope you decide to follow us up the technology ladder and look at us through the latest from Google (Chrome), Apple (Safari), Firefox or Microsoft (IE).

We would love to hear your thoughts on the new design. Gives your comments or sends us an email. Especially if anything is not working! 🙂 We have tested extensively the new design but you never know.

Here are some screenshots of the new design (for mobile screenshots see here):